Hi, I'm Ted.

Welcome to my website.

This is my small corner of the internet where I ponder life, culture, and code.

What I'm Doing

Being a husband and dad! That is my main job and I love it.

I work for Azure Standard as a senior Python developer.

What I'm Reading

I love reading. I try to read a book a week. I just finished The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Heidt and am currently reading Homo Sapiens. I'm considering doing a simple Podcast where I share my reflections on the books I read.

What I'm Using

Here's a list of the tools I use to write code, write words, and live life.


  1. MacBook Pro '16 2019 for coding.
  2. A ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th gen for SSHing into my Docker/Linux setup.
  3. iPad Pro w/ Apple iPad Pro keyboard for writing.
  4. iPhone SE for cell phone.


  1. Linux
  2. Git for Version Control
  3. Vim for code editing
  4. Groff for writing
  5. Docker
  6. Python
  7. Hey Email
  8. Safari and Firefox for web browser