I spend my days writing code. I love everything about coding. The process of solving problems, thinking through solutions, and bringing creative ideas to life.

This site has a simple intention: sharing what I learn with everyone else.

My development work is almost exclusively web development which means HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the first place and then PHP and Ruby for the backend. I realize that PHP and Ruby are no longer considered “sexy” programming languages, but PHP continues to be a rock solid choice for web projects and while there is a lot of old legacy spaghetti code out there, one can write great, clean, object oriented PHP today in PHP 7. Ruby is still considered passé in many circles as JavaScript has taken over the backend but Ruby on Rails remains a fantastic MVC framework for web applications if used appropriately and in the right hands. The fact that GitHub and Shopify are using it to this day on sites with millions of daily users disproves the tired slogan that it doesn’t scale or that the language/framework is dead.

Here is the thing, almost any language will do in programming. The lionshare of burden for the success of a program falls back to its architecture, implementation, and the cleanliness of the code. Good code beats language advantages almost any day of the week. Sure, there are certain cases where one language clearly makes sense over another but that is more rare than people might think. All of that is to say, pick a back end language that makes both business and personal preference sense to you. After you have chosen them, master them, and make the most use of them. Once you have learned the fundamentals of coding and the principles behind a language you will be well equiped to make use of another language if the task at hand calls for it.

A quick word about this website. It is built on top of Jekyll which is a static website engine. The code is all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the liquid templating engine. For the CSS, I am only using CSS Grid, Flexbox, and some basic styling. I’m purposely going to keep imagery off of the website as I’m not a photographer and I don’t know what use there is in adding endlessly reused stock images to my posts. If I take up photography and/or drawing I will encorporate that into my writing; don’t hold your breath :)

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this site!