The courage to write...

July 18, 2019
Written by: Ted Martin
There is nothing I love more than reading and writing. Reading is easy; it is deeply personal. One can reserve it to herself. One can withhold the cuts of truth that disturb the comfort of our biases, our prejudices, our securities, and most importantly our fears.

Writing is an entirely different matter. It requires a certain manifestation of thought and hence of the person. It betrays us and strips us bare. One ought be cautious in their writing for others will not only judge the writing but the one who puts forth the words.

There is so much I would like to say but fear often trips me up. What will people think if I unmask the true face of my thoughts...

The courage to write honestly is not dissimilar to the courage of a martyr.
Ted Martin

Husband, father, writer of software, and reader of books.