Building your own blog

January 25, 2020
Written by: Ted Martin
WordPress is a great Open Source project. It is the right tool for so many projects. Nevertheless, when one is a developer and seeking to learn more about code, why not role your own blog? One can learn a ton from building a blog. Here are 10 important building blocks I've gained by coding my own blog from scratch:

1. How to build an admin/dashboard for any website
2. User authentication
3. User permissions
4. User management
5. A text editor
- Post status: Draft, Published, or Scheduled
6. Auto drafts so you don't lose what you are writing in the case of system/network failure
7. Implementing a nice date picker
9. Comment approval
10. How to roll your own newsletter

Learning and understanding how to implement the above has given me great confidence to build meaningful software for the world. It is invigorating and the effort and time spent on learning the nuts and bolts of this functionality is well worth the struggle.

So, if you are new to coding or have been at it for a while, take the time you need to build some of your own tools; you won't regret it.
Ted Martin

Husband, father, writer of software, and reader of books.