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Posted on Aug. 14, 2020 by Ted Martin

I've recently made some major changes to my website. Here they are in order:

1. Rewrote the site in Django

2. Added Comments

3. Added manual review of comments when submitted

4. Added Email post share

5. Added a 'Draft' and 'Published' status toggle on the back end

6. Added pagination

7. Added filtering options to the admin

8. No frontend framework: pure css and vanilla JavaScript

9. Implemented Docker for the development environment which is a game changer

Each of these have been really fun to implement, I've learned a ton, and I have total flexibility and control over the code. I can't recommend enough the "majestic monolith" for most websites/apps. I'd like to write about each of these additions respectively but am wondering if anyone has an interest in learning more about one of them first.


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